34th Annual SKI FREEZE ~

January 1, 2011

organized by the Collierville Ski Club



FY 2011 Dreams Granted

  September 10 - James had an electronic shopping spree.
  September 10 - Prince had an Orlando, FL experience                   November 10 - Kelsi went on a cruise
  December 10 - Amber had a shopping spree.

Dream Count = 4 Lives forever changed

Thanks to you!!!!!

Dreams Pending

   Tori is still deciding                                                                 Paul wants a weekend at a Theme-Park                           Abrionne wants a shopping spree                                       Rachel wants to go to Europe                                           Tyson wants a dog                                                                Jordan is going to meet Mickey                                           Nichole wants a shopping spree                                       Ashanti wants a shopping spree                                      Brittany wants a shopping spree                                     Haley wants to swim with dolphins                                 Zach is still deciding                                                                Shelbie wants a bedroom make-over                             Takayla wants a shopping spree                                       Miguel wants to see his family for Christmas




Day:  1st & 3rd Monday of each Month

Time:   6:30pm


Germantown Library
1925 Exeter Rd               Germantown, TN 38138






  • January 1, 2011 - SKI FREEZE


  • December 20, 2011 - Abrionne gets her shopping spree

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